Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Best of 2014!

Well as the year draws to a close I thought I should join the blogging herd and make the seemingly obligatory 'best of' post for you all. I shall refrain from ranking... all you need to know is that I really enjoyed the books shown below... and that you should all go out and buy yourselves a copy of each of them as soon as possible.

Well... here goes...

These books all blew my mind for different reasons... Unwrapped Sky was a joy to read... full of challenging ideas and wonderful language... The Mirror Empire challenged the traditional boundaries of epic fantasy with intriguing protagonists and narrative that included bear mounts and sentient plants... The Incorruptibles was a beautiful mashup of steampunk, fantasy, and western that had me gripped... Bound was a kick ass and fast paced story that scared me (Three Sisters anyone?) and thrilled me at the same time... and finally The Emperor's Blades combined everything I love about epic fantasy into one awesome package... a sprawling tale filled with history, intrigue, magic and warfare. 2014 was certainly a cracking year for speculative fiction... and 2015 is shaping up nicely as well!

Happy New Year everyone! 

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