Monday, 18 May 2015

My Favourite Characters

A good character.. there is nothing more enthralling when reading a book. You know what I'm talking about. A brilliantly cast and executed protagonist or antagonist. Someone (or something) who sets your pulse racing. Who incites a multiple range of emotions, such as fear, hope, anger, and love. Examples abound... I could literally go on for hours and hours. However I decided against this, and instead have listed my top five favourite characters from speculative fiction. Feel free to add your own! 

Tyrion Lannister - 

Good ole Tyrion... the epitome of a privelged outcast. The misshapen dwarf from the Lannister family in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, Tyrion is arguably one of the most interesting and enthralling characters in speculative fiction today. Capable of great acts of compassion, he is also comfortable with cruelty towards those he feels have wronged him. His witty narrative and sharp tongue combine to make him one of the most loved characters around the globe. 


If you haven't Ursula Le Guin's Wizard of Earthsea than you are mad. Ged is, in my opinion, the epitome of the Wizard archetype (Sorry Gandalf, but your shit don't cut it anymore). A powerful character whose early arrogance and selfishness disappears as he grows in knowledge, Ged retains a very human quality (for example his constant inner battle between good and evil) that endears readers to him from the start. 

Death from Gaiman's Sandman -

I can still remember the moment I first stumbled upon the Sandman series. I fell head over heels in love, and Death was the major reason for my infatuation. She is the exact opposite to the popular Grim Reaper depiction of Death. Attractive, down to earth, perky and nurturing, Death floats through the Sandman series with a refreshing awesomeness that writers have tried to copy ever since. 

Mab, Winter's Queen - 

The immortal leader of all of the Winter Fae, and Queen of the Winter Court in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, Mab is one of the gripping yet terrifying characters I've come across. Utterly merciless, Mab also incorporates an incredibly complex and deeply hidden human side. This alone makes her one of my favourites! I still love the quote she says to Harry Dresden, Butcher's main protagonist: "You may serve wizard, or you may be served. As a meal." 

Pinhead - 

I am relatively new to Clive Barker's work... but god... Pinhead scares the bejesus out of me! Incredibly powerful, Pinhead exhumes a creepiness that I just can't shake. When a character makes your skin crawl whenever you encounter them you know the writer has done a bloody good job! 

Others that just missed out include:

Conan - Everybody's favourite barbarian... by Crom!

The Lady - Glen Cook's Black Company is still popular, and the Lady is a major reason why.

Pug - Let's be honest... we all love Pug... Feist hit a home run with the Magician! 

Bilbo Baggins - I've always had a soft spot for Tolkien's loveable thief.. despite the shit he caused. 

Elric of Melnibone - Moorcock's antihero and wielder of Stormbringer.. I mean fuck... it's Elric!

Lord Anomander Rake - God like power, and another cool sword (Dragnipur).. an absolute beast!

Vin - Sanderson's protagonist from his Mistborn books... Vin captured me from the start. 

Faraday - Sara Douglass always wrote incredibly complex characters.. Faraday was the best. 

Sabriel - What more can I say... I grew up with Sabriel and her adventures. 

I could keep going.. and I am sure I have forgotten some, but I will end it there. Who are your favourites? Would love to hear them. 

Much love, 

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