Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Book Review - The Unbound Man by Matt Karlov

The Unbound Man follows the story of Arandras, a relic hunter who lost his wife to an unknown assailant in the past. When a new lead on his wife's killer suddenly appears, alongside the discovery of a powerful relic that comes into his possession, Arandras is drawn into a conflict where he must choose between revenge, former colleagues and friends, or the fate of the world.

The impressive cover of The Unbound Man

I must admit this book surprised me. I went into it expecting a solid and entertaining read, and left genuinely believing that Karlov could become a real force on the Australian SF/F scene in the future. For a self published book the writing is of a very high standard, with an intriguing tapestry of action and subterfuge propelling the story along. I throughly enjoyed Karlov's world building, and his attention to detail was immense. If I had one small criticism in relation to this then it would be that perhaps there is too much detail for some readers. Personally, for me, it was great. I enjoyed the characterisation throughout the book, particularly the inner voices of the main players and the realism of their actions. I also throughly appreciated Karlov's inclusion of detailed maps and dramatise personae as it allowed me to reference as I read.

For a debut novel the Unbound Man was very impressive. It can be purchased online at Amazon. Highly recommended for fans of fantasy!

4/5 Stars.

Note - Image is the property of Matt Karlov.

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