Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Welcome Everyone!

If you are reading this then you have taken the time to visit Smash Dragons, and for that I thank you!

My name is Matthew, and Smash Dragons is my attempt to share my love of fantasy and speculative fiction with you all. It is also my hope to meet, chat, and network with fellow lovers of fantasy! Smash Dragons will be posting daily my reviews of books I have read, opinion posts, fantasy fiction news and all other sorts of goodies!

It is my aim to also (hopefully) get some author interviews up as soon as possible, with a focus on Australian writers my primary goal.

Just a few things to get out of the way also...

Copyright -

All of the materials on this blog have been produced by myself. The exceptions to this are book covers, author photographs and plot summaries. These are the property of authors, publishers, etc.

No part of this blog can be used without permission. It is not that hard to ask, and I'm usually quite a friendly chap!

Authors and publishers are welcome to use (if they ever in my wildest dreams decide to) parts of my reviews. See above... just ask... I swear I'm a friendly guy!

And finally just a disclaimer... the opinions published on this blog are my own. They are not the opinions of my wife, or my neighbour, or any authors and publishers who may choose to check out the blog. The same goes for comments... if you type the comment then you are responsible for it. Please be nice to each other... I can't foresee any problems because we book lovers are generally a nice lot!

Now that all that is out of the way I must bid you farewell. Check out the blog in a few days for my first review of The Unbound Man by Matt Karlov.

PS - Almost forgot... please feel free to check out my Goodreads profile, and add me as a friend. The more discussion and networking the better I say!

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