Sunday, 23 November 2014

Week in Review


It has been a busy week here at Smash Dragons! 

I have been snowed under with a multitude of ARCs and books being kindly gifted to me via Netgalley and various publishers. I have been amazed and humbled by the generosity shown by these groups. Some of the books I received include the following:

Dead New World - Ryan Hill
A Town Called Dust - Justin Wooley 
Willful Child - Steven Erikson 

I also, incredibly, received a preview copy of Brian McClellan's new novella 'Murder at the Kinnen Hotel'. As a huge fan of McClellan's I was very excited to receive this opportunity, and I have to say now it is a f****** awesome read (a more concise review is incoming)! An absolute must have for all those Powder Mage fans! 

What else has happened... oh yeah... I finally won something this week! I never win anything... except this time I did... free Audible copies of Mitchell Hogan's two Sorcery Ascendent Sequence books! Was over the moon! Thank you to Mitchell Hogan and Audible, and if you haven't yet read Hogans books do yourself a favour and go online and purchase them. Top notch stuff! 

In news... 

Ursula Le Guin received the medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters from the National Book Awards. Her acceptance speech was a joy to watch, and if you missed it then I suggest you click on the following link quick smart:

Le Guin is one of my greatest inspirations. If you didn't get goosebumps watching that speech then you are either a Terminator or Cylon. 

The latest Hunger Games movie has been released. I will probably go and see it, despite still feeling meh about previous instalments. I suspect I have already seen the best bits just by watching the trailer! 

Vice Media Group has launched Terraform, a new weekly online magazine devoted to original SF. 

Fantasy Faction will be celebrating their 5th birthday next year, and are already looking to celebrate by hosting an event for authors and fans alike. Please see their webpage (link on sidebar) for more details.

Finally... Matt Karlov's interview is incoming for the blog! Matt has been extremely generous with his time and support of Smash Dragons, and we will be posting up his two part interview in the coming days. His novel, The Unbound Man, is available now via Amazon. I strongly recommend you purchase a copy, and support a great local author on the rise! 

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