Sunday 4 January 2015

Book Review - Obsidian by Alan Baxter

Alex Caine returns in this bloody good adventure and follow up to Bound. Obsidian finds Alex and Silhouette looking for purpose and direction in their lives. When they are recruited by a mysterious organisation to combat evil magic, they find themselves transported and trapped in an alternate realm and city where magic, monsters and death lurk around every corner. 

Like in Bound, I really enjoyed the easy and action packed style that Baxter writes with throughout the story. It is a fast paced, balls to the wall style that works extremely well alongside his characters and plot. I thought the fight scenes were well choreographed (again, like in Bound) and written, and I was fascinated by Alex's growth and direction throughout the story. I also adored how Silhouette grew from the first novel, becoming even more complex and interesting. The introduction of new organisations and characters also worked well overall in setting things up nicely for future books (although I thought the introduction of new character Claude Darvill was cliched initially, I soon found myself just enjoying his role in the book). I will admit I did a little dance when Black Diamond returned! 

I also loved the elements of horror that Baxter brought to this book. The monsters were both exhilarating and creepy, and Obsidian itself was fascinating. If I had one small criticism it would be that I wanted more monsters and more fight scenes!

All in all Obsidian is a very worthy follow up to Bound. It is dark, creepy, and action packed. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. If you love dark urban fantasy or horror then Obsidian is the read you are looking for!

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